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LG reviews display experience at ISE 2023

Kim spoke to BT during the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2023), which was held at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via, 31 January - 3 February 2023.

Thu, Mar. 16, 2023

"To prepare for the market challenge, LG secured the competitiveness of its own content and display platform and additionally provided total solutions including content solutions to our customer,” General Manager of LG Electronics Egypt, Billy Kim, told Business Today (BT).

Kim spoke to BT during the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2023), which was held at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via, 31 January - 3 February 2023.

ISE brings together the core sectors that make up the global AV and systems integration industry. So far, over 700 companies are already committed to exhibiting, and alongside long-standing flagship exhibitors, ISE 2023 plays host to several new brands making their debut.

Kim talked about the customers’ experience during the show, his company’s display, B2B solutions, and virtual production and its advantages.

Q: Highlighting LG’s Display at ISE 2023, how was the customer’s experience?

LG provided a special and professional customer experience through the Media art exhibition using Micro LED, Tensegrity LED sculpture, and transparent LED to provide customers with an immersive 3D anamorphic contents though Tensegrity LED cube, and to give customer experience that detailed Micro LED screen picture quality though the Magnit product. By utilizing the exhibition scene, you can renew the atmosphere of the space by installing media sculptures and media walls that link contents such as various public spaces and building lobbies. In addition, LG's Signage Display changed into LED signage as a media art rather than a simple display for advertising, and had the influence of making the display itself stand out with the ripple effect of wow content. Due to these market changes, Venue owners are looking for eye-catching new display technologies and trying to differentiate their displays and make them landmarks. To prepare for the market challenge, LG secured the competitiveness of its own content and display platform and additionally provided total solutions including content solutions to our customers.

Q: What B2B products did LG display at ISE 2023?

The display was segmented by different verticals. Including Virtual production, which can reduce time and cost by 35% compared to the traditional production; Meeting Room Solutions, where LG intends to implement MS Teams video conference utilization using a general display in the front row format, and to introduce the zoom video conference utilization scene through One:Quick; Control Rooms, LG provides optimized displays and solutions for control rooms; LG MAGNIT, a giant media art display, and ultimate eye-catcher that can only be made possible with LG’s  MAGNIT display; in addition to other solutions including Education, Retail F&B, and LTC Smart Cam Pro (Tele-health).

Q: How can Virtual Production reduce time and cost by 35% in comparison to traditional production?

Virtual Production can reduce time and cost by 35%, as it has the advantage of maximizing the realistic effect. The production method is expanding from virtual production to XR (eXtended Reality), and XR can create an infinitely expanded space by synthesizing LEDs and images of the outside area of LEDs.Based on the world's best display color reproduction technology, we have created an LED product that is most suitable for VP/XR filming sites with a structure that is easy to install/dismantle and features specialized for camera shooting. You can create the best results in various shooting scenes such as movies, advertisements, and corporate messages. This exhibition demonstrates the XR shooting process and production video transmitted in real time. You can see for yourself the strength of the product through the dancers dancing on the LED stage, how companies can produce advertisements they want without being restricted by location, and two people having a conversation at an in-house broadcasting station.


Can you emphasize LG’s b2b Meeting Room Solutions and how LG intends to implement MS Teams video conference?

Video conferencing in a meeting room (huddle ~ large room) is becoming more common and expanding. At ISE, LG intends to implement MS Teams video conference utilization using a general display in the front row format, and to introduce the zoom video conference utilization scene through One:Quick. After arranging two 65” UH5J in parallel and connecting them with video equipment, MS Teams Front Row format was implemented to realize the MS video conference environment. In this environment, MS Teams Front Row shows stable operation and perfect compatibility with our products. As LG’s One:Quick is equipped with Zoom application for both 55” and 75”, and acquired Zoom certification for 55”. 75” is also being developed with the goal of securing Zoom certification.

What business solutions does LG offer for BoardRooms?

LG offers AIO 136 LED as the perfect solution for large meeting rooms and boardrooms, when the viewing distance is too far or too close, it is uncomfortable to watch, which reduces concentration and participation in meetings, in order to solve this distraction in the large meeting room – that is board room, AIO 136 LED is a perfect solution as it provides the convenience of mobility, installation, and maintenance with an LED display that can be easily installed and utilized in large conference rooms. In addition, it enhances the concentration of attendees in the meeting with the advantage of a large screen and the color reproduction ability that can express vivid colors. At the same time, One:Quick Share, which enables convenient screen sharing, is provided as an accessory to help you focus on the meeting.


Q: As technology advances, the requirements for control rooms are diversifying, what did LG showcase for control rooms in ISE 2023?

LG provides optimized displays and solutions for control rooms, in the case of display, we can provide displays suitable for the use scene, such as UHD resolution Micro LED and narrow bezel video wall. In addition, we are launching products that reflect customer needs, such as redundancy remote power. The display you are looking at is our high-resolution 0.78 Pixel Pitch LED (Magnit) product. It is optimized for control rooms using UHD by matching with Datapath solutions specialized in implementing high-resolution content. Datapath is Europe's No.1 video processor, and through LG & Datapath collaboration, we have finished HDMI-CEC Integration and are discussing GTM development. In addition, monitoring and control functions for LED and signage will be supported through webOS integration. In addition to Datapath, we have made an LG Display – Userful AV over IP Solution package and we plan to launch the package early this year. LG Connected Care guarantees optimal product conditions by minimizing user inconvenience with real-time remote monitoring and diagnosis services. It can be managed remotely and real-time monitoring is possible with a single solution for all devices

Q: Can you tell us more about LG MAGNIT, and LG’s giant media art display at ISE 2023?

Our giant media art display and the ultimate eye-catcher as we call it, which can only be made possible with our MAGNIT display. The MAGNIT is a DVLED product meaning there are no bezels and it has the flexibility of being tiled in various sizes and resolutions.

This particular media art installation is made of 100 P0.78 MAGNIT cabinets, making it 272 inches in size, and 8K in resolution. The MAGNIT is a Micro LED display, delivering immersive and eye-popping visuals to make every viewing experience memorable. Ultra-fine details are visualized by a colorful mosaic of Micro LED chips, and the vivid picture quality is further strengthened by LG’s own full black coating technology and AI processor. The cabinets themselves have a cable-less design for simpler installation.

This type of grand media art installation can be applied to building lobbies, shopping malls and complex public spaces, resulting in a new spatial experience powered by LG’s Micro LED technology

Q: What other solutions were displayed at ISE 2023 from LG?

In line with the growth of the education market, LG Electronics' offered Education Virtual Booth at ISE 2023 providing a special and professional customer experience by displaying the LG CreateBoard, the Interactive Digital Board, for digitalization concepts in school classrooms and lecture rooms where the most diverse usages are required, reflecting the core needs of the teachers in particular, LG CreateBoard Lab and Share solution, which allow school teachers and professors to share various education contents in real time and in both directions, and ConnectedCare DMS solution which allows school IT managers to remotely manage devices and contents with CreateBoard are best suited solution for the digitalization needs in the education industry. Additionally LG offered a convenient way of engaging customer journey by providing customers better ordering experience with LG Self-Ordering Kiosk an innovative and reliable technology with Digital Inclusion ready option using LG’s 27inch In-Cell Touch technology display for superior touch experience which is the very first impression for users. It also supports Windows OS for higher compatibility with existing kiosk application solutions and is designed for easier maintenance with front accessible drawer-type design. LG provides a hardware platform for self-ordering use cases and needs to work with local ecosystem partners to complete solution offerings for end-customers. For the ISE 2023 Exhibition, our European Regional HQ has been working with several ecosystem partners to present showcases such as Intuiface, SignageLab, and Icon Multimedia. Global model of LG Kiosk is currently under development and planned to be ready for global launch this year for regional strategic countries first. LG will also open for partnership with any good kiosk application solution for mutual business success. Last but not least, LTC SmartCam Pro (Tele-health): in terms of the safety of medical staff, this kind of trend for non face-to-face medical service will keep increasing more and more.

 LG has prepared an all new product dedicated for the telehealth market and service, which is GoldenEye, LG Smart Cam Pro. A lot of telehealth companies are providing telehealth services such as video visit and remote monitoring for patients. They have their own platform interfacing EMR/EHR system in hospitals and this is why they want to have the dedicated device with high performance and fancy design. This is why LG has made a wholly different form factor of device, which LG has never tried before. It means LG is ready to expand its business area not only to display solutions but also telehealth solutions and LG will keep this effort going.