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Builders of Egypt Forum: Industry leaders convene to drive innovation, sustainability in construction sector

Industry leaders, government officials, and investors come together to revolutionize Egypt's construction sector.

By: Mohamed Zain

Sun, May. 28, 2023

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly inaugurates the eighth edition of the Builders of Egypt Forum with the participation of Arab and African delegations - Press Photo

Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, inaugurated this morning the eighth edition of the Builders of Egypt Forum, "the largest event in the construction and building sector," with the participation of Arab and African delegations in collaboration with the Saudi Contractors Authority.

The forum aims to showcase the export strategy of the Egyptian construction industry, complementary industries, and the modern Egyptian experience in infrastructure and housing development, in order to enhance the country's foreign currency resources and sustain the work of companies in the future.

Under the theme "Promising Opportunities for Egypt to Export the Construction Industry to Regional Countries," the forum organized by Exlnt Communication, a subsidiary of United Media Services (UMS), in collaboration with the African Union of Construction and Building Contractors, explores comprehensive development plans in the region and the map of major projects in light of global conditions, challenges, and disruptions faced by emerging countries. It also highlights the opportunities for Egyptian companies to participate in infrastructure development, construction projects, energy, and technological infrastructure, in line with Egypt's modern economic transformation under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

The event, attended by an extended ministerial delegation and over 300 executive leaders from major contracting, real estate development, finance institutions, and local and regional business organizations, focuses on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the honored guest of the forum this year. This is due to its extensive development plans and its role as the largest market for the construction industry to expand into foreign markets in the coming phase, providing multiple export opportunities and business growth for years to come. This requires further cooperation and awareness among Egyptian companies about these opportunities, as the Kingdom presents a massive package of projects in various fields within its development plan, exceeding $150 billion in the coming years.

The forum discusses partnership and integration opportunities among Egyptian companies operating in the construction and building sector in all specialties, aiming to enhance the export of construction services to the region and provide opportunities for most companies prepared to work in foreign markets and expand their activities. Many of these companies have participated in the comprehensive urban development movement and the advanced construction mechanisms implemented by the state, which included major projects such as the fourth-generation cities, high-rise residential towers in the administrative capital and the New Alamein city, advanced roads, bridges, and infrastructure for electricity and communications, in addition to giant transportation projects.

Through direct meetings between Egyptian and regional leaders, the forum aims to explore development paths for construction companies in Arab and African markets, reviewing the development strategies of these countries, major project plans, and opportunities for Egyptian entities to participate. This comes in light of the global economic changes resulting from the current economic conditions. The forum presents the visions of government bodies and concerned parties regarding comprehensive and sustainable development programs in their countries and the planned measures to support various important industries, including construction, development, and related industries. It also showcases the evolution of construction companies in terms of technical and administrative structures, introducing new execution mechanisms in line with international quality standards.

The new edition of the forum takes place amidst different circumstances facing the Egyptian and global economies in general. Despite the challenges and negative global repercussions of events such as the Russian-Ukrainian war and other difficult global and regional situations, the Egyptian state remains capable of overcoming all challenges and moving forward towards the future. This is due to its deep experience in crisis management, the diversity of its economy, its emphasis on construction and development as a mandatory path for growth, and the growing strength of the Egyptian economy, including competitive and successful companies and individuals.

The forum's strength lies in the expanded regional governmental presence of African and Arab countries, supporting and stimulating the expansion of Egyptian companies operating in the construction sector abroad. It aims to bring about positive change through presenting different visions that align with global future data and developing a positive outlook for the construction industry in Egypt. The forum provides a platform for exchanging knowledge, expertise, and best practices among industry leaders, fostering partnerships, and exploring new business opportunities.

Furthermore, the Builders of Egypt Forum acknowledges the significant role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the honored guest. With its extensive development plans and position as the largest market for the construction industry, the Kingdom presents lucrative opportunities for Egyptian companies to expand into foreign markets. Saudi Arabia has a comprehensive development plan exceeding $150 billion in various sectors, including infrastructure, construction, energy, and technology. The forum aims to create awareness among Egyptian companies about these opportunities and foster cooperation between the two countries.

The forum emphasizes the importance of partnership and integration among Egyptian construction companies. It aims to enhance the export of construction services to the Arab and African markets and provide growth opportunities for companies interested in working in foreign markets. Egyptian companies, many of which have been involved in major projects within Egypt, are well-equipped to contribute to regional development projects.

Through direct meetings and discussions, the forum seeks to explore potential collaboration and integration between Egyptian companies and their counterparts in Arab and African countries. It facilitates discussions on development strategies, major project plans, and opportunities for Egyptian entities to participate in regional projects. Additionally, the forum showcases the evolution of construction companies in terms of technical and administrative structures, highlighting their adherence to international quality standards and innovative execution mechanisms.

Despite global economic challenges and regional tensions, the Egyptian state remains resilient and committed to its growth trajectory. The country's diverse economy, emphasis on construction and development, crisis management experience, and competitive companies and individuals contribute to its ability to overcome challenges and forge ahead.

In summary, the Builders of Egypt Forum serves as a platform for promoting Egypt's construction industry, fostering regional partnerships, and exploring opportunities for Egyptian companies to expand into foreign markets, particularly in Saudi Arabia. The forum's discussions, meetings, and presentations aim to enhance cooperation, exchange expertise, and showcase Egypt's capabilities in the construction and development sectors.

Some additional information about the Builders of Egypt Forum:

1.    Technical and Knowledge Sharing: The Builders of Egypt Forum focuses on technical and knowledge sharing within the construction industry. It provides a platform for industry professionals, experts, and stakeholders to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices. Through workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, participants can enhance their knowledge and stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies in the construction sector.

2.    Investment Opportunities: The forum also highlights investment opportunities in the construction industry. It showcases infrastructure projects, real estate developments, and public-private partnership initiatives that require investments. This allows potential investors to explore various avenues and forge partnerships with Egyptian construction companies.

3.    Sustainability and Innovation: The Builders of Egypt Forum recognizes the importance of sustainability and innovation in the construction sector. It encourages participants to adopt environmentally friendly practices, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable construction methods. The forum also promotes the use of digital tools, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and other innovative solutions to enhance project efficiency, productivity, and quality.

4.    Government Support and Initiatives: The Egyptian government plays a crucial role in supporting the construction industry and driving its growth. The Builders of Egypt Forum provides a platform for government officials and policymakers to discuss their initiatives, regulations, and policies that impact the sector. It also allows industry professionals to provide feedback, suggestions, and recommendations to further improve the business environment.

5.    Networking and Business Opportunities: Networking is a key aspect of the Builders of Egypt Forum. The event attracts a diverse range of participants, including contractors, developers, consultants, suppliers, and investors. This presents an excellent opportunity for networking, building business relationships, and exploring potential collaborations. The forum's exhibition area allows companies to showcase their products, services, and innovations to a targeted audience.

6.    International Participation: The Builders of Egypt Forum attracts international participants, including construction companies, investors, and industry experts from various countries. This international presence provides a platform for cross-border cooperation, knowledge transfer, and exchange of experiences. It facilitates dialogue between Egyptian companies and their international counterparts, potentially leading to joint ventures, partnerships, and expansion into new markets.

Overall, the Builders of Egypt Forum serves as a comprehensive platform for promoting the construction industry, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. It brings together key stakeholders, facilitates knowledge sharing, highlights investment opportunities, and showcases Egypt's capabilities in the sector. By encouraging sustainability, innovation, and international cooperation, the forum contributes to the growth and development of Egypt's construction industry.